Friday, 29 June 2012

Day 8: Rainbow

After all the rain, sun. And a rainbow. Or I should say - rainbows. And everytime I see a rainbow I think of this poem by John Agard, in which he coins an unique and memorable metaphor, saying a rainbow  'is God doing limbo'.

A rainbow really is 'one big smile across the sky.' And if witnessing one doesn't make you smile - maybe this poem will.

(Better to read this poem aloud - and enjoy the samba rhythm of it!)

Rainbow - John Agard

When you see
de rainbow
you know
God know
wha he doing-
One big smile
across the sky-
I tell you
God got style
the man got style

When you see
raincloud pass
and de rainbow
make a show
I tell you
is God doing
the man doing

But sometimes
you know
when I see
de rainbow
so full of glow
and curving
like she bearing a child
I does want to know
if God ain't a woman

If that is so
the woman got style
man she got style

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