Monday, 16 July 2012

Day 25: 40 Love

Here's a poem that uses structure and subject matter in an ingenious way to get its theme across. Read it and see. From the witty and wisecracking Roger McGough.

40 - Love - Roger McGough

middle                           aged
couple                           playing
ten                                 nis
when                             the
game                             ends
and                                they
go                                  home
the                                 net
will                                still
be                                  be
tween                            them             

(from Selected Poems (2006, Penguin, London)


  1. Ok, gotta say it: LOVE this one! Really like the structure as well as the content. Very clever indeed. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I know, I love this one too Mary. Totally cool! Roger Mc Gough writes fantastically clever poems - you should check him out!

  3. Huh, this one is great. Sad but great.

  4. Beautiful shit!

  5. Isn't this poem written by ee cummings????!!!!

    1. Eh no, Roger McGough, like it says. This is clearly not ee Cummings style...

  6. I really love this poem. I think it is the most impressive poem I've ever read. I am actually looking for another similar poem for analysis. Do you have any good recommendations? Thanks a lot!!


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