Monday, 19 November 2012

Day 150: You're a Star

Sometimes we all need a little reminding of how precious and important we are. Especially if we are in the midst of troubles, hardships, darknesses.

Carol Ann Duffy was inspired by  the Pride of Britain winners to write this poem, an award which acknowledges unsung heroes in society, from cancer survivors to carers to even children who show remarkable courage in the face of the worst scenarios. 

It reminds us that the human spirit is indomitable; it doesn't break but rather strengthens under pressure and shines blatantly in the face of darkness. At the edge of your ordinary human days, the gold of legend blazed.

Here is poetry that reminds us of our greatness, our capacity for strength despite adversity. But more than that, that each one of us is precious, a miracle, a marvel, a wonder, a gift. 
'Know - your hand is a star. Your blood is famous in your heart.'

(You can read more about the poem and the Pride of Britain here)

Gesture - Carol Ann Duffy

Did you know your hands could catch that dark hour
like a ball, throw it away into long grass
and when you looked again at your palm, there
was your life-line, shining?
                                            Or when death came,
with its vicious, biting bark, at a babe,
your whole body was brave;
or came with its boiling burns,
your arms reached out, love's gesture.
                                                              Did you know
when cancer draped its shroud on your back,
you'd make it a flag;
or ignorance smashed its stones through glass,
light, you'd see, in shards;
paralysed, walk; traumatised, talk?
                                                        Did you know
at the edge of your ordinary, human days
the gold of legend blazed,
where you kneeled by a wounded man,
or healed a woman?
                                 Know -
your hand is a star.
Your blood is famous in your heart. 


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