Monday, 6 May 2013

Day 289: Maysong

It's May time and love time (my sweet). 

There are so many ways to read ee cummings' poems. Focus on the parentheses, omit the parentheses, read it as a whole, read it as separate lines, untangle the inverted syntax... 

But as long as you get the feeling of it. The same elated feeling that runs through all of his poems - that love and life (and yes!) will always prevail.

Song - ee cummings

but we've the may
(for you are in love
and i am)to sing,
my darling:while
old worlds and young
(big little and all
worlds)merely have
the must to say

and the when to do
is exactly theirs
(dull worlds or keen;
big little and all)
but lose or win
(come heaven,come hell)
precisely ours
is the now to grow

it's love by whom
(my beautiful friend)
the gift to live
is without until; 
but pitiful they've
(big little and all)
no power beyond 
the trick to seem

their joys turn woes
and right goes wrong
(dim worlds or bright;
big little and all)
whereas(my sweet)
our summer in fall
and in winter our spring
is the yes of yes

love was and shall
be this only truth
(a dream of a deed,
born not to die)
but worlds are made 
of hello and goodbye:
glad sorry or both
(big little and all)

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