Thursday, 4 December 2014

Day 868: The Lives of Winter Trees

Tree Roots by Erica Pochybova

The common misconception is that trees are dead in winter, barren, bare, their branches a dearth. But this is not entirely the case. Below the surface, their roots are 'riotous' to use the words of Rumi, preparing for spring. And their branches against the sky seem like a kind of writing do they not? Billy Collins thought so. Alice Oswald has termed their appearance as 'wishbone trees' due to the exposed shape of the branches - look closely and you will see that this is indeed a true comparison. And I just love the sentiment here in Ted Kooser's short poem, seconding this notion, full of vivacity and optimism and 'great joy' made manifest.

Walking Beside a Creek - Ted Kooser

Walking beside a creek
in December, the black ice
windy with leaves,
you can feel the great joy
of the trees, their coats
thrown open like drunken men,
the lifeblood thudding
in their tight, wet boots.

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