Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Love Poem

Valentine's Day is almost upon is and so, time again to turn to love poetry, the jewel in poetry's crown. 

And no, not the sappy love poetry with now tired and lofty la-de-dah refrains, but the snappy zinging-with-feeling kind. The fresh, breezy, brilliant, pulse-popping poems with a heart of neon. Don't believe me? Stay tuned the next few days and/or have a look here: Love Poems To Make You Smile (And Maybe Swoon)

Love Poem - Charles Simic

Feather duster.
Birdcage made of whispers.
Tail of a black cat.

I’m a child running
With open scissors.
My eyes are bandaged.

You are a heart pounding
In a dark forest.
The shriek from the Ferris wheel.

That’s it, bruja
With arms akimbo
Stamping your foot.

Night at the fair.
Woodwind band.
Two blind pickpockets in the crowd.

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