Wednesday 10 August 2016

Summer Rain Poem


'it is the secret of a summer shower
to steal the light and hide it in a flower...'

I posted this poem previously here, but since it bears a new title now (as it appears in the latest collection 'Falling Awake' from Alice Oswald), I'll post it again.

And, because right now, I really need to read something that captures some beauty about this dismal summer rain we've been having...! :(

A Short Story of Falling - Alice Oswald

It is the story of the falling rain
to turn into a leaf and fall again

it is the secret of a summer shower
to steal the light and hide it in a flower

and every flower a tiny tributary
that from the ground flows green and momentary

is one of water’s wishes and this tale
hangs in a seed-head smaller than my thumbnail

if only I a passerby could pass
as clear as water through a plume of grass

to find the sunlight hidden at the tip
turning to seed a kind of lifting rain drip

then I might know like water how to balance
the weight of hope against the light of patience

water which is so raw so earthy-strong
and lurks in cast-iron tanks and leaks along

drawn under gravity towards my tongue
to cool and fill the pipe-work of this song

which is the story of the falling rain
that rises to the light and falls again


  1. Love Alice Oswald and this is one of my favourites 😀xx

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  3. Wow. I'm just a passing by uni student studying English literature in Korea. I was looking for poem about rain to transcribe on my diary and I found your blog! I really love this poet. Thank you for posting this!


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