Monday, 24 October 2016

Autumn Sky

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'Come, lovers of dark corners,
The sky says,
And sit in one of my dark corners.'
Today begins my annual Halloween week themed postings.

First up, it's the delectably random and  surreal Charles Simic.
An Autumn sky can contain many things: the golden glow of a Hunter's Moon, a flight of birds,
or maybe even if your eye is quick enough, a witch on a broomstick!

Autumn Sky - Charles Simic 
In my great grandmother's time,
All one needed was a broom
To get to see places
And give the geese a chase in the sky.

The stars know everything,
So we try to read their minds.
As distant as they are,
We choose to whisper in their presence.

Oh Cynthia,
Take a clock that has lost its hands
For a ride.
Get me a room at Hotel Eternity
Where Time likes to stop now and then.

Come, lovers of dark corners,
The sky says,
And sit in one of my dark corners.
There are tasty little zeroes
In the peanut dish tonight.

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