Thursday 26 July 2012

Day 35: Belief

Don't let anyone tell you what you can't do! Sometimes proof is nothing in the face of willpower and belief and the mere miracle of disregarding negative assumptions.

Here Roger McGough makes a case against such skepticism.  Bees cannot fly, scientists say, it's been proven, 'and yet they do.'  The bees aren't aware of their 'dodgy ratios' and they fly on, buzzing around the garden, regardless. Although these 'scientists' have no problem in believing the negative associations with bees, their stinging ability, as is often the case in the real world. 

This poem has so much to say about the nature of cynicism and achievement in the face of it. What I like to take from it is - forget the naysayers and steamroll ahead with whatever you want to do 'helium-filled'!

Bees Cannot Fly - Roger McGough

Bees cannot fly, scientists have proved it.
It is all to do with wingspan and body weight.
Aerodynamically incapable of sustained flight,
Bees simply cannot fly. And yet they do.

There's one there, unaware of its dodgy ratios,
A noisy bubble, a helium-filled steamroller.
Fat and proud of it, buzzing around the garden
As if it were the last day of the spring sales.

Trying on all the brightest flowers, squeezing itself
Into frilly numbers three sizes too small.
Bees can fly, there's no need to prove it. And sting.
When stung, do scientists really believe it?


  1. As Iris DeMent says, 'let the mystery be' or should that be bee?

  2. Ha, yes exactly. Good one Margie!


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