Saturday 15 December 2012

Day 176: Leaps

Here's a most marvellous meditation on taking chances. Leaps of faith. Belief. How wonderful it feels to do so. And how the whole world (as well as the heart) can open up in response to one chance taken, one risk, one wildcard dream.

The Proposals (excerpt) - Billy Merrell

(NOTE ON THE LEAP: How rough and worn the weight
of flight - the soul, when gathered, forms its own
twinned claw and wing, each severed arc, the nape -
all grown inside the body, left. Alone with loss, life
rises: emblazoned air, trembling star of made
faith. The fall that forms in the gut blooms in the
arms before the mind, remembering how dangerous
and hard the world is when shut, opens its doors
so air can cool what light arrives. The chest
unhinges, strong from panic, and the loch that
is the heart begins to fit. The wind grows
sturdier, its skin gigantic. The room that was
the source becomes the field, opening out,
the stage a hoard revealed.)

Taken from the novel, The Lover's Dictionary by David Levithan

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