Tuesday 18 December 2012

Day 179: Christmas Cards

How silly to get caught up in all the fuss and stress of buying Christmas gifts and to buy into all the panic and hurry. How can we separate ourselves from all this trivial hustle and bustle? 

By remembering that what it all comes down to of course, is love (shown here in this poem by the meticulous attention to sending Christmas cards). And as long as that's in the equation, it'll all work out fine.

Christmas Envelopes - UA Fanthorpe

Monks are at it again, quaffing, carousing;
And stage-coaches, cantering straight out of Merrie England,
In a flurry of whips and fetlocks, sacks and Santas.

Raphael has been roped in, and Botticelli;
Experts predict a vintage year for Virgins.

From the theologically challenged, Richmond Bridge,
Giverny, a lugger by moonlight, doves.  Ours

Costs less than these in money, more in time;
Like them, is hopelessly irrelevant
But brings, like them, the essential message


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