Thursday 10 January 2013

Day 202: Morning Melancholy

Yep, 'the elements of disbelief are very strong in the morning.' 

I'm not a morning person by any stretch - and can relate to this poem, in which the melancholy of morning becomes apparent. Especially after night, when all is dreaming, and possible, and believing.

Melancholy Breakfast - Frank O' Hara

Melancholy breakfast
blue overhead blue underneath

the silent egg thinks
and the toaster's electrical
ear waits

the stars are in
"that cloud is hid"

the elements of disbelief are
very strong in the morning


  1. LOVE this one. (I am not a morning person either!).

    Hope you can actually see the comment this time...I don't know why they're not saving... *melancholy face*

    1. Thanks Cheryl, I can see this one! Must be Blogger - it be's up to all kinds of tricks at times! :(

      RE Natalie Goldberg's book on writing 'Writing Down the Bones' - I haven't as of yet read it - only excerpts - but plan to pretty soon, it does look very good!


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