Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Day 256: Yes!

Yes will get you everywhere, No, nowhere. 'Your biggest surprise/Comes after Yes', yes!

Yes - Muriel Rukeyser

It's like a tap-dance
Or a new pink dress,
A shit-naive feeling
Saying Yes.

Some say Good morning
Some say God bless -
Soem say Possibly
Some say Yes.

Some say Never
Some say Unless
It's so stupid and lovely
To rush into Yes.

What can it mean?
It's just like life,
One thing to you
One to your wife.

Some go local
Some go express
Some can't wait
To answer Yes.

Some complain
Of strain and stress
The answer may be
No for Yes.

Some like failure
Some like success
Some like Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes.

Open your eyes,
Dream but don't guess.
Your biggest surprise
Comes after Yes.


  1. We're just trying to find some color in this black and white world.
    Keep on making inspiring article :)

  2. Everything you an imagine is real. Have a good day! Keep on sharing knowledgable ideas :)

  3. you misspelled some in line 7.


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