Sunday 2 June 2013

Day 317: Daisy

Have you ever seen human traits in flowers?

Well in Alice Oswald's most recent book, 'Weeds and Wildflowers' she has a poem on various flowers (accompanied with illustrations) in which she describes them in humanly terms.

She asserts that "flowers are recognisably ourselves elsewhere", and in this book she sets out to prove this "using the names of flowers to summon up the flora of the psyche".(You can read more here)

Daisy - Alice Oswald

I will not meet that quiet child
roughly my age but match-size
I will not kneel low enough to her lashes
to look her in her open eye
or feel her hairy wiry strength
or open my mouth among her choristers
I will not lie small enough under her halo
to smell its laundered frills
or let the slightest whisperiness
find out her friendliness
because she is more
summer-like more meek
than I am I will push my nail
into her neck and make
a lovely necklace out of her green bones

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