Monday 10 June 2013

Day 325: Summer Bane

'The sky is a blue gum streaked with rose...'

Colourful. Unusual. Description as disclosure. Inversion of expectation. Meaning as question.
Why it can only be Wallace Stevens.

And here he is on summer, with all its grand laziness, gluttonous growth - 'a slum of bloom' - and contradictive moods, 'one feels a malady.' 

Banal Sojourn - Wallace Stevens

Two wooden tubs of blue hydrangeas stand at the foot of the
   stone steps.
The sky is a blue gum streaked with rose.  The trees are black.
The grackles crack their throats of bone in the smooth air.
Moisture and heat have swollen the garden into a slum of
Pardie! Summer is like a fat beast, sleepy in mildew,
Our old bane, green and bloated, serene, who cries,
'That bliss of stars, that princox of evening heaven!'
   reminding of seasons,
When radiance came running down, slim through the
And so it is one damns that green shade at the bottom of the
For who can care at the wigs despoiling the Satan ear?
and who does not seek the sky unfuzzed, soaring to the
one has a malady, here, a malady.  One feels a malady.

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