Thursday, 6 June 2013

Day 321: A Hymn to June

'Iris, Goddess of Summer' Print by Carol Cavalaris
'The only word she speaks is yellow'.... 

I always see June as a yellow month. All that sunshine. Here's a poem something along the same idea lines, but much more exquisite, as only Alice Oswald can do:

Yellow Iris - Alice Oswald 
It's early morning
and a woman
from a previous
world is wading
up the stream.

Very stately and
sturdy with double-
jointed elbows she's
still in her
grave clothes,
her crinkled three-ply
surcoat made of
cloth of June.

She has one
gold-webbed glove,
one withered hand.

She's resting, considering
her next pose,
behind the blades
of slatted blinds.

Her name is
Iris, the Rainbow,
the messenger, the
water's secretary, the
only word she
speaks is 'yellow'.

Lost ghost Queen
of the Unbetween
it's lovely listening
to the burp
of mud as
she sinks her
feet right in.

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