Friday 17 January 2014

Day 545: Red Geraniums on a Grey January Day

I like the image Bukowski presents in this poem, but have to disagree with him on the last point. Red geraniums on balconies are not specific to New york - Paris is another city that springs to mind (above). But whatever the city, the image is just so pleasant isn't it, especially on a dull grey January day!

all that - Charles Bukowksi 
all that
the only things I remember about
New York City
in the summer
are the fire escapes
and how the people go
out on the fire escapes
in the evening
when the sun is setting
on the other side
of the buildings
and some stretch out
and sleep there
while others sit quietly
where it's cool.

and on many
of the window sills
sit pots of geraniums or
planters filled with red
and the half-dressed people
rest there
on the fire escapes
and there are
red geraniums

this is really
something to see rather
than to talk about.

it's like a great colorful
and surprising painting
not hanging anywhere

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