Wednesday 12 February 2014

Day 571: New Vision

I love the imagery in this poem illustrating the best thing about being in love: everything ordinary becomes extraordinary. You look on commonplace things with new eyes. The world shimmers in vivid Technicolour.

Vision - May Thielgaard Watts

Today there have been lovely things
I never saw before;
sunlight through a jar of marmalade;
a blue gate;
a rainbow
in soapsuds on dishwater;
candlelight on butter;
the crinkled smile of a little girl
who had new shoes with tassels;
a chickadee on a thorn-apple;
empurpled mud under a willow,
where white geese slept;
white ruffled curtains sifting moonlight
on the scrubbed kitchen floow;
the under-side  of a white-oak leaf;
ruts in the road at sunset;
an egg yolk in a blue bowl.

My love kissed my eyes last night. 

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