Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Day 585: What's It All About?

Why are we here? What is the purpose of the universe? What's it all about?

This poem doesn't answer these questions, but poses them in an unique way.  The structure compliments the subject-matter brilliantly -  a haphazard spacing where questions float leading to a spotlight of unanswered uncertainty. 

The UniverseMay Swenson

                            is it about,
            the universe,
            the universe about us stretching out?
    We, within our brains,
             within it,
  we must unspin
the laws that spin it.
                            We think why
                because we think
                Because we think,
                              we think
                              the universe about us.
                But does it think,
                            the universe?
                                Then what about?
                                                About us?
                                           If not,
must there be cause
                            in the universe?
Must it have laws?
                                        And what
                                    if the universe
                                                    is not about us?
                                        Then what?
                                                           is it about?
                                        And what
                                                                about us?

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