Thursday 1 May 2014

Day 650: Welcome May

'We longed for thee and thy merry hours./ Oh, thou most beautiful month of spring!...'

Can you believe that it's May? Already! Beautiful blue sky flowering May. 

Gathering Flowers in May - Mary Dow Brine


Welcome, welcome, beautiful May!
Welcome thou, and thy garlands gay!
The earth is glad with thy sunny smile,
And sweet with the breath of new-mown hay.
Lavish of all thy glory, thou:
See! thou hast flung thy treasures down
Till the earth is gay in her new-found wealth,
And jubilant in her floral crown.

Fairer thou art, oh, beautiful May!
Than even thy sister, whose reign is o'er,
The blue-eyed April, who wept and smiled,
And softened the earth so cold before.
She sang of thee, and our hearts were glad
With thoughts of the joys sweet May would bring;
We longed for thee and thy merry hours.
Oh, thou most beautiful month of spring!

There are sounds of pleasure o'er all the earth;
There are sweet birds singing in bush and tree;
There are laughing voices, and songs of mirth,
And joyous faces to welcome thee.
There are busy fingers in every field
Plucking thy treasures rich and rare;
Oh, May! so lovingly bountiful,
Welcomes must greet thee everywhere.

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