Saturday, 28 June 2014

Day 708: Solo for Saturday Night Guitar

Have I mentioned how much I love Carl Sandburg's dreamy star-studded poetry? Here is the perfect reverie for a summer Saturday night. Every line is swoon-worthy, with originality and sentiment well met: 'Love is...maybe a rainbow around your shoulders...'  Read it and reel :)

Solo For Saturday Night Guitar - Carl Sandburg

Time was. Time is. Time shall be.
Man invented time to be used.
Love was. Love is. Love shall be.
Yet man never invented love
Nor is love to be used like time.
A clock wears numbers one to twelve
And you look and read its face
And tell the time pre-cise-ly ex-act - ly.
Yet who reads the face of love?
Who tells love numbers pre-cise-ly ex-act-ly?
Holding love in a tight hold for keeps,
Fastening love down and saying
“It's here now and here always.”
You don’t do this off hand, careless-like.
Love costs. Love is not so easy.
Nor is the shimmering of star dust.
Nor the smooth flow of new blossoms.
Nor the drag of a heavy hungering for someone.

Love is a white horse you ride
or wheels and hammers leaving you lonely
or a rock in the moonlight for rest
or a sea where phantom ships cross always
or a tall shadow always whispering
or a circle of spray and prisms —
maybe a rainbow round your shoulder.

Heavy heavy is love to carry
and light as one rose petal,
light as a bubble, a blossom,
a remembering bar of music
or a finger or a wisp of hair
never forgotten.


  1. Time is a cathedral that I spend my days in. Beautiful poem and photo!

  2. Oh what a great line that! Glad you enjoyed it Margie :) Yes, the pic is gorgeous - a magic moonlight mirage!


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