Friday, 13 June 2014

Day 693: Honey Moon

Tonight is June's full moon, the honey moon. 

Some moon lore for you: the name 'honey moon' comes from the moon's slightly gold appearance this month, due to it rising so low in the sky and as such, our image of it being reddened by the earth's atmosphere. In keeping tandem with the natural world's cycles (as all the names of the moons do), honey makes reference to the bees' hives, full at this time of year. Its honorary namesake, 'honeymoon', arose due to this time of year being the optimum one for weddings, the June nuptials trend dating back centuries.

Or maybe it's just the sweetest of all the moons as it falls in high summer, nearest to the Solstice, when nights are brightest and everything is glowy and warm and sun-kissed gold!  Anyway, here's a poem inspired by both the honey moon and the honeymoon.

To-night - Sara Teasdale

The moon is a curving flower of gold,
The sky is still and blue;
The moon was made for the sky to hold,
And I for you.

The moon is a flower without a stem,
The sky is luminous;
Eternity was made for them,
To-night for us.

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