Saturday 5 July 2014

Day 715: A Summer's Singing

A Summer’s Singing - Lorna Crozier

Where does that singing start, you know,
that thin sound—almost pure light?
Not the birds at false dawn or their song
when morning comes, feathered throats
warm with meaning.  A different kind of music.

Listen, it is somewhere near you. 
In the heart, emptied of fear,
stubbornly in love
with itself at last, the old
desires a ruined chorus,
a radiant bloody choir.

Where does the singing start?
Here, where you are, there’s room
between your heartbeats,
as if everything you have ever been
begins, inside, to sing.


  1. That's a particularly fine one: optimistic but unsentimental.

  2. Yes, it strikes the right balance. Thanks for reading and commenting Laurie :)


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