Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Day 761: Sunflower Theory

'Like every flower, she has a little/ theory, and what she thinks/ is up.' 

More sunflowers, as promised. Have you seen any yet in bloom, August's mascots?

The more I read this poem the more I like it. It's such a simple little poem, but with a lot of weight behind it too. Sunflowers always serve well as a symbol of strength, resolve, and big beaming buoyant never-give-up hope.

Sunflower - Frank Steele

You’re expected to see   
only the top, where sky   
scrambles bloom, and not   
the spindly leg, hairy, fending off   
tall, green darkness beneath.   
Like every flower, she has a little   
theory, and what she thinks   
is up.  I imagine the long   
climb out of the dark   
beyond morning glories, day lilies, four o’clocks   
up there to the dream she keeps   
lifting, where it’s noon all day.

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