Sunday, 31 August 2014

Day 772: Goodbye Summer!

 'Your soul joins with the birds in wistful brood
Crying for lost summer days, for childhood.'

Today is the official last day of summer (sigh).  And I for one can't help but reminisce about the days that have gone by in a seeming speedy mirage - where did they go??! Seems like only last week I was googling summer poems to post in the yellow nectar of a sun-warm morning, now it's autumn ones and there's a chill outside! (I'm sure you've noticed the seasonal influence to the poems here, it's a defining structure I adhere to when selecting poems as I feel poetry is a vital aid to adjusting and appreciating each season as it comes and goes, and in doing so of course, being able to see the world around us anew.) 

And now it's time to say goodbye to summer, a very hard thing to do,  especially when summer is the most anticipated season of the year and the most agreeable. It's always a sad time of year when autumn chimes its wind-down tone and we reluctantly and helplessly acquiesce. I think the term 'wistful brood' is just the perfect one to describe it.

The End of Summer - Shannon Georgia Schaubroeck

The summer days are fading, as they must
From endless hours to short and fleeting light.
The bird's once bright, immortal tune, now cries
A melancholy aura to the dusk.
The children fiercely climb, and dream, and race
Before their wild and unchained days depart
And yet beneath the zeal lies a half heart
For there isn't time, there's only enough space.
The sun seems low, a hazy orange sphere
Now reminiscing sweetly of the days
When endlessly before you summer lay
And as in the deep, crimson dusk you stir
Your soul joins with the birds in wistful brood
Crying for lost summer days, for childhood.

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