Friday 3 April 2015

Day 989: Balloons

It's my birthday today so I'm choosing something light and floaty and happy: a poem about balloons. There's a fanfare of colour in this poem that is just wonderful. Up, up, and away!

Les Ballons (The Balloons)  - Oscar Wilde

Against these turbid turquoise skies
The light and luminous balloons
Dip and drift like satin moons,
Drift like silken butterflies;

Reel with every windy gust,
Rise and reel like dancing girls,
Float like strange transparent pearls,
Fall and float like silver dust.

Now to the low leaves they cling,
Each with coy fantastic pose,
Each a petal of a rose
Straining at a gossamer string.

Then to the tall trees they climb,
Like thin globes of amethyst,
Wandering opals keeping tryst
With the rubies of the lime.


  1. "With the rubies of the lime" is just gorgeous.

    Happy birthday, Siobhan, hope your day is as special as you are xx

    1. As soon as I saw the phrase 'satin moons' - I was hooked! :)

      Ahh thank you so very much Cheryl :) And for all your comments here! They are much appreciated :)

  2. Lovely poem! Have a very happy birthday!

    1. It is indeed. Thank you very much Christopher :)


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