Wednesday, 19 December 2018


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This was the poem for today in the 'Poem for Every Day of the Year' anthology. I love how the dominant feeling of hope is subtly, but powerfully presented.

Forecasts - Jean Kenward

There are berries this year on the holly
it wasn't always so.
They may be simply a forecast,
forecast of snow.

This frost on the sill
I've seen it glitter with diamond light.
It' slippery too, the traveller must
watch his step tonight.

There's a moon as big as a melon
and far off, oh how far
flickering on the horizon
a fresh and different star.

In the heart of man is a coldness.
Through a crack in the stable door
there glimmers a new dominion.
Even ice can thaw.


  1. Love it, shared to my Facebook page......I urge my peeps to subscribe. Because, poetry!

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