Monday, 2 September 2013

Day 409: The Wishing Tree


Today, Seamus Heaney, file na hÉireann, will be laid to rest in his native Derry.

This poem. I feel, describes the people left behind, who stand agape at his departure, 'turned-up faces where the tree had stood.'

The Wishing Tree - Seamus Heaney

I thought of her as the wishing tree that died
And saw it lifted, root and branch, to heaven,
Trailing a shower of all that had been driven

Need by need by need into its hale
Sap-wood and bark: coin and pin and nail
Came streaming from it like a comet-tail

New-minted and dissolved. I had a vision
Of an airy branch-head rising through damp cloud,
Of turned-up faces where the tree had stood.

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