Saturday 28 September 2013

Day 435: Sun Death

Here's a strange poem - funny, witty, heartbreaking, - all in the space of a few apt lines. From the  inimitable Roger Mc Gough of course, who has earned the highly unusual accolade of making poetry fun -  'McGough has done for British poetry what champagne does for weddings.'

Sundeath/greentears - Roger McGough

when you said you loved me
the sun
leapt out from behind st georges hall
and ran around town;

kissing younggirls' faces
        exposing fatmen's braces
        freeing birds & chasing flies
        pulling hats down over eyes
        making bobbies get undressed
        barrowladies look their best
        wayside winos sit and dream
        hotdogmen to sell ice-cream

but when you said goodbye
i heard that the sun
had been runover
somewhere in castle street
by a busload of lovers
whom you have yet to meet


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