Friday 13 September 2013

Day 420: A Divine Consolation

Emily Dickinson once said after losing her true love, that the only thing which could take his place was -  ‘the whole world in its Divine aspect’ – ie poetry.

This poem, on this day, reminds me of that statement:

Poem 125 – Emily Dickinson

A poor – torn heart – a tattered heart –
That sat it down to rest –
Nor noticed that the ebbing Day
Flowed silver to the west –
Nor noticed night did soft descend –
Nor constellation burn –
Intent upon the vision
Of latitudes unknown.

The angels – happening that way
This dusty heart espied –
Tenderly took it up from toil
And carried it to God –
There – sandals for the Barefoot –
There – gathered from the gales –
Do the blue havens by the hand
Lead the wandering Sails.

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