Tuesday 4 March 2014

Day 592: March

Ah March, a month of contradictions. What better way to describe its weather than 'witty peek-a-boo. A study in insincerity'? The month's good and bad elements are perfectly phrased in this poem. 


March - Richard Kenney

Sky a shook poncho.
Roof   wrung. Mind a luna moth
Caught in a banjo.

This weather’s witty
Peek-a-boo. A study in

Blues! Blooms! The yodel
Of   the chimney in night wind.
That flat daffodil.

With absurd hauteur
New tulips dab their shadows
In water-mutter.

Boys are such oxen.
Girls! — sepal-shudder, shadow-
Waver. Equinox.

Plums on the Quad did
Blossom all at once, taking
Down the power grid.


  1. Ohhhh I LIKE this one (and look! Another moth :-)

    Loved the gorgeous simplicity but wonderful word sounds in the line 'that flat daffodil' - just lovely.

  2. Its a pretty cool one alright! :)

  3. I painted a picture based on this fabulous poem. I love the imagery in the words - elegant, succinct, evocative, beautiful and witty. What more can you ask of a poem?


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