Monday, 24 March 2014

Day 612: Three Happy Things in March

What are your three things??

Three Things That Make Me Outrageously Happy in March - Madeline DeFrees

Begin with the evergreen Clematis montana*. Shy
about opening, blooms pulse into view
a few at a time against the night sky. Some
morning, a creamy tsunami
sweeps over the chain-link fence in a spring
seizure of yearning. Drenches the passerby in
dizzying scent and charges winter's
dark air without warning.

Next, the black umbrella
ribs of Styrax japonica* open to rain. Their
delicate green incipient leaves
reverse the gradual losses of autumn. Remember
this overture to the Japanese Snowbell
symphony in May when it's time to clean up
the carpet of dried flowers and pods, time to
cart uprooted seedlings away.

When navel oranges
kissed by lazy California sun, glow like
moons in every supermarket, I go
crazy, buy all I can carry. At home, they
tumble from the sack to kiss my eager lips, and as
that nectar of the gods floods my veins, I live
in lovers' paradise every juicy moment
of Seattle rains.

*Clematis montana - or Anemone Clematis, a flowering shrub (pictured above) 
*Styrax japonica - Japanese Snowbell, a flowering tree

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