Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Day 599: Spring has Sprung!

Spring has finally let itself be known this week here in Ireland. The sun is out, blue skies are above us, singing birds around us, and everything starting to look greener and brighter and all the time spirits getting higher.  

And there's only one poet who can articulate the happy-filled feelings spring engenders -  'all that was doubtful's certain,timid's bold;/old's youthful and reluctant's eager now' - and that's ee cummings. Every line of this poem captures the spirit of the season so perfectly, it's equivalent to breathing fresh air, lying in grass, smelling a flower, basking in a blue sky and smiling.

*(If you liked this poem, you can read more here: O Sweet Spontaneous Earth: EE Cummings and Spring)

now winging selves sing sweetly - ee cummings

now winging selves sing sweetly,while ghosts(there
and here)of snow cringe;dazed an earth shakes sleep
out of her brightening mind:now everywhere
space tastes of the amazement which is hope

gone are those hugest hours of dark and cold
when blood and flesh to inexistence bow
(all that was doubtful's certain,timid's bold;
old's youthful and reluctant's eager now)

anywhere upward somethings yearn and stir
piercing a tangled wrack of wishless known;
nothing is like this keen(who breathes us)air
immortal with the fragrance of begin

winter is over-now(for me and you,
darling!)life's star prances the blinding blue


  1. Oh I love this one - Spring has sprung here, too - and "anywhere upward somethings yearn and stir". Lovely, lovely.

    1. It is, reading an ee cummings' poem is like a vitamin shot for the soul. Lovely days ahead now hopefully !


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