Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Day 959: Daffodil Delivery

Daffodils are the flower of the month and the quintessential flower of spring. Even if it's snowing outside (ahem), a vase of them is spring, as demonstrated so jovially here.

48 Big Daffodils - Deborah S. Pease 

48 big daffodils blared yellow
From three vases in this room.
I was not expecting joy
But it arrived, brashly delivered
By flowers smelling of earth, primitive
In form and scent, bold enough
To grow through snow.

The florist's card with the sender's name
(So eagerly searched for in the past, the name
With its terrible power to thrill,
The name alone was what mattered)
Disclosed its unrushed secret:
"Happy spring. Love, Auntie"—
And I did not spit in despair.

Like the color (blatant solar flare), the joy
(What else to call it?) was childlike.
I did not think a child
Still lived in me, but with 48 big daffodils
Igniting my room
For their two-day lives
Here, there was spring.

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