Friday, 20 March 2015

Day 975: Seed


I've posted this poem here before but thought it relevant to today - my final day of posting Irish poets and the official first day of spring. Paula Meehan is our current Professor of Poetry in Ireland and this poem is one of my favourites of hers. 

Seed - Paula Meehan

The first warm day of spring
and I step out into the garden from the gloom
of a house where hope had died
to tally the storm damage, to seek what may
have survived. And finding some forgotten
lupins I’d sown from seed last autumn
holding in their fingers a raindrop each
like a peace offering, or a promise,
I am suddenly grateful and would
offer a prayer if I believed in God.
But not believing, I bless the power of seed,
its casual, useful persistence,
and bless the power of sun,
its conspiracy with the underground,
and thank my stars the winter’s ended.


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