Sunday, 22 March 2015

Day 977: Over Wine

 'Happily I gulped a star...'

I love poems that delve into the delights of wine, that can match its effervescent effects with language, that can equate drinking it with falling in love. This poem does all this and more. Magical, beautiful, swoon-worthy.

Over Wine - Wislawa Szymborska

He glanced, gave me extra charm
and I took it as my own.
Happily I gulped a star.

I let myself be invented,
modeled on my own reflection
in his eyes. I dance, dance, dance
in the stir of sudden wings.

The chair's a chair, the wine is wine,
in a wineglass that's the wineglass
standing there by standing there.
Only I'm imaginary,
make-believe beyond belief;
so fictitious that it hurts.

And I tell him tales about
ants that die of love beneath
a dandelion's constellation.
I swear a white rose will sing
if you sprinkle it with wine.

I laugh and I tilt my head
cautiously, as if to check
whether the invention works.
I dance, dance inside my stunned
skin, in his arms that create me.

Eve from the rib, Venus from foam,
Minerva from Jupiter's head-
all three were more real than me.

When he isn't looking at me,
I try to catch my reflection
on the wall. And see the nail
where a picture used to be.


  1. I love when I read a poem that is completely new to me, and am struck by its loveliness. The images in this are so surprising, but they work beautifully.

    1. I agree. Loved this poem upon first sight!

  2. It's link to communism is interesting


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