Sunday 23 September 2012

Day 93: Alchemists

And now to the mystical and mysterious.  Rumi was a Persian poet whose work incorporated the mystical and spiritual in a very accessible way. There is a deep wisdom in Rumi's poems that could explain why they are still so popular today. (There's even a Rumi quotes page on Facebook!)

Rumi is an example of the poet as an enlightened being, sharing his wisdom in words. His poetry is a guidebook for the ideal way of living.

In this poem, he talks about living life fully, no 'half-hearted holding back, well-enough getting by.'  If true alchemy can exist (turning metals into gold - living life to its highest value) then there must be the right temperament for it and the right conditions, including courage and a willingness to change.

Not Here - Rumi

There's courage involved if you want
to become truth.  There is a broken-
open place in a lover.  Where are
those qualities of bravery and sharp

compassion in this group?  What's the
use of old and frozen thought?  I want
a howling hurt.  This is not a treasury

where gold is stored; this is for copper.
We alchemists look for talent that
can heat up and change.  Lukewarm

won't do. Halfhearted holding back,
well-enough getting by?  Not here.

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