Saturday 15 September 2012

Day 85: Drunk

Drunk and disorderly and delirious and delighted. (Hiccup).

Finally a poem that captures that tipsy teetering feeling exactly. (Although the last time I was drunk - the moon didn't just wobble - there were two moons in the sky...)

But it also describes intoxication of a different kind. That kind where you're high on inspiration and enthusiasm  - 'and the whole world a mouth', the whole world for the taking and you wanting more and more, head-over-heels in love with life -  'give me a double, a kiss.'

Drunk - Carol Ann Duffy 

Suddenly the rain is hilarious.
The moon wobbled in the dusk.

What a laugh. Unseen frogs
belch in the damp grass.

The strange perfumes of darkening trees.
Cheap red wine

and the whole world a mouth.
Give me a double, a kiss.


  1. I love, love, LOVE Carol Ann Duffy (I saw her at a reading last year and I was beyond giddy) but I have somehow never come across this poem before. I love feels lilting and slightly hazy, the way things do when you're drunk, but it also has this lovely sense of clarity and belonging too - sometimes, after a glass of wine or two, I feel so alive and involved...thiscaptures both sides of that beautifully.

    Another wonderful choice for poem of the day! xxx

    PS: I keep meaning to ask - do you post your own writing anywhere? I mean, other than your blogs on here?

  2. Thanks Cheryl! Yes, she's one of my favourite poets I must say. And you're right - this poem does have a sense of belonging to it.

    I post some of my poems on A Blog of One's Own. And I post little snippets on OneWord - which if you haven't already checked it out - do! It's quite inspiring:
    Other than that, it's all offline!

    How about you? I do love your writing style! :)


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