Friday 21 September 2012

Day 91: Selfless Love

This poem you may recognise. I always thought it was a quote, but no, it is a poem. Written by the Persian mystic poet Hafiz in the 14th century, and still going strong today. 

Maybe it's the endearing simplicity of it: the simple telling of an essential truth, the simple illustration of a grand type of love we should all aspire to. 

The Sun Never Says - Hafiz

All this time
The sun never says to the earth

"You owe me."

What happens
With a love like that,
It lights
The whole sky.


  1. I would comment but this is so beautiful that I'm speechless!

  2. I know! And while reading, the reader too gets 'light up' like the whole sky in the glow of its sentiments. Well I did anyway!


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