Monday, 1 October 2012

Day 101: Awake

Had I not been awake I would have missed it: inspiration gusting through the mind, like a hurricane, sudden and electrifying, in the wee small hours of the night, when the creative spark flames highest.

Yes, Heaney captures that feeling here exactly, 'And got me up, the whole of me a-patter, alive and  ticking like an electric fence', in superb language as always.

Had I Not Been Awake - Seamus Heaney

Had I not been awake I would have missed it,
A wind that rose and whirled until the roof
Pattered with quick leaves off the sycamore
And got me up, the whole of me a-patter,
Alive and ticking like an electric fence:
Had I not been awake I would have missed it,
It came and went to unexpectedly
And almost it seemed dangerously,
Hurtling like an animal at the house,
A courier blast that there and then
Lapsed ordinary. But not ever
After. And not now.


  1. Your poem a day is inspiring & uplifting always. Many thanks.

  2. Thank you James! That's good to know, much appreciated!

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