Saturday, 2 February 2013

Day 225: Lilac Wind

I don't why but I always think of February as a purple coloured month! Purple like lavendar or lilac, crocuses and irises, purple like the lightening of dark, the ushering in of newness.

I don't know if 'the grip of the ice is gone now' but it does feel like the icy grip of winter has loosened its hold somewhat. And even though the wind still blows, 'the silvers chase purple' and 'the purples tag silver' and 'silver jig heels on the purple sky rim' and well, it's February, 'wish and be wistful.' Yes.

The Wind Sings Welcome in Early Spring - Carl Sandburg

The grip of the ice is gone now.
The silvers chase purple.
The purples tag silver.
They let out their runners

Here where summer says to the lilies:
“Wish and be wistful,
Circle this wind-hunted, wind-sung water.”

Come along always, come along now.
You for me, kiss me, pull me by the ear.
Push me along with the wind push.
Sing like the whinnying wind.
Sing like the hustling obstreperous wind.

Have you ever seen deeper purple …
this in my wild wind fingers?
Could you have more fun with a pony or a goat?
Have you seen such flicking heels before,
Silver jig heels on the purple sky rim?
Come along always, come along now.


  1. Ohhh,so lovely. It's like a song, almost. And this: “Wish and be wistful /
    Circle this wind-hunted, wind-sung water.” Perfect words, and what a gorgeous image.

    I always think of February as a white month - the snowdrops coming up, maybe, or the fact that it does tend to snow a little bit most Februarys here.

    Thank you for the blog recommendation you sent also - what a community of Winter-lovers we are :)

  2. Thanks Cheryl! I love Carl Sandburg's poetry - are you familiar with it? It's very wishful and wistful all of it :)

    A white month - yes - that may be more true to form alright with snow forecast again!

    Oh I don't love Winter though - the opposite! I am patiently counting down the days to Spring, blue skies and green buds! :)


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