Saturday, 16 February 2013

Day 239: How is Your Heart?

Happiness can be any kind of contentment. Acceptance. Easy to miss at the time, but long remembered and wished for after. 

What matters is how well we look for this happiness, how we treasure it, how we know it, make it, keep it no matter what. How we keep on keeping on.Yep, what matters most is 'how well you walk through the fire.' 

how is your heart? - Charles Bukowski

during my worst times
on the park benches
in the jails
or living with
I always had this certain
I wouldn't call it
it was more of an inner
that settled for
whatever was occuring
and it helped in the
and when relationships
went wrong
with the
it helped
through the
wars and the
the backalley fights
to awaken in a cheap room
in a strange city and
pull up the shade-
this was the craziest kind of

and to walk across the floor
to an old dresser with a
cracked mirror-
see myself, ugly,
grinning at it all.
what matters most is
how well you
walk through the

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