Saturday, 9 February 2013

Day 232: Lullaby

Bed-Time - Ruth Padel

Time to go to bed again. Time for the moon
To get in among the muddle of arms and legs,
    Get completely unstrung and set free
    And hold on to you. Because you've done
All this but are also the one thing
That'll hold me, lost in this narrow room

As if it's Pharaoh's mine of slippery agate,
   Flashing quartz chambers
Where I could wander for years

Now changed to an arch of green cedars
And a wild-honey garden of mist and secret walks
   With cyclamen in the shade, a tiltyard
   Of tiered lawns rising and rising - to sundials, mazes
And driftwood igloos seeing off dew from their walls
At dawn. Because of you. Because of you.


  1. This is good lullaby to my new born child. Thank you so much..


  2. Thank you for reading Cindy :)


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