Thursday, 15 August 2013

Day 391: An August Day Song

Finally, a song that describes August in all of  its miserable end-of-summer rainy melancholy. (The month here so far has been nothing but gray skies and rain, an inevitable drip-by-drip back to our default weather - and it supposed to be the last hurrah of summer! Talk about miserable! 'barefoot blues') 
And one for today especially, 'and the sky coloured heavy gray' wondering 'will a smile break through?'

August Day - Hall & Oates (words by Sara Allen, music by Daryl Hall)

I saw the sun, though it didn’t shine
Gave up no shadows, gave out no way to know the time
No wind to blow the silver leaves
The drone of clever talk just stopped
The air hangs out, hesitates to carry a thought
Away from me
And the sky colored heavy gray
August day

Stir the dust and carve a rhyme
Barefoot blues watch and wait till suppertime
Will a smile break through
Distant thunder and the slow dance
Static lightning sky daring me to take a chance
And say that I love you
And the sky colored heavy gray
August day

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