Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Day 396: Logic of Love

In my own experience of writing poetry, I love using mathematical metaphors to explain love. Yep, two seeming contradictive schools of thought, but sometimes you'll find applying the logic of maths to love can provide a comfort (- there is a semblance of reason to this madness after all!) and often yield  beautiful results.

I love this poem by XJ Kennedy on the logic of parallel lines and how from this he fits hope into a story of impossible love:

Geometry - XJ Kennedy

They say who play at blindman's bluff
    and strive to fathom space
That a straight line drawn long enough
    regains its starting place
and that two lines laid parallel
    which neither stop nor swerve
at last will meet, for, strange to tell,
    space throws them both a curve.

Such guesswork lets my hopes abide,
    for though today you spurn
my heart and cast me from your side
    one day I shall return;
and though at present we may go
    our lonely ways, a tether
shall bind our paths till time be through
    and we two come together. 

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