Tuesday 8 October 2013

Day 445: To My Heart at the Close of Day

What is it you really want to do before you die? Before the evening overtakes the day? For the heart is ready - feel it pounding in your chest right now at all the possibility and potential this life holds. It's ready to bat. Ready to strike for a home-run. All you have to do is - step up.

To My Heart at the Close of Day - Kenneth Koch

At dusk light you come to bat
As George Trakl might put it. How are you doing
Aside from that, aside from the fact
That you are at bat? What balls are you going to hit
Into the outfield, what runs will you score,
And do you think you ever will, eventually,
Bat one out of the park? That would be a thrill
To you and your contemporaries! Your mighty posture
Takes its stand in my chest and swing swing swing
You warm up, then you take a great step
Forward as the ball comes smashing toward you, home
Plate. And suddenly it is evening.

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