Wednesday 16 October 2013

Day 453: Just Another Autumn Day

A perfect poem for post-Budget day here in Ireland...

Look at it this way folks, the best things in life are free - thankfully! Imagine, as Roger Mc Gough does here, if they weren't. - If we had to pay to enjoy autumn. If sunsets were restricted. If leaves were outlawed. But they're not. So let's enjoy them!!! And look on each day as not 'just another autumn day', but another beautiful, glorious, wonder-filled day, with lots of stunning free nature to enjoy!

Just Another Autumn Day - Roger Mc Gough

In Parliament, the Minister
for Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness
announces, that owing to
inflation and rising costs
there will be no Autumn
next year. September, October
and November are to be
cancelled, and the Government
to bring in the nine-month year instead.
Thus we will all live longer.

Emergency measures are to be
introduced to combat outbreaks
of well-being, and feelings
of elation inspired by the season.
Breathtaking sunsets will be
restricted to alternate Fridays
and gentle dusks prohibited.
Fallen leaves will be outlawed,
and persons found in possession
of conkers, imprisoned without trial.
Thus we will all work harder.

The announcement caused little reaction.
People either way don't really care
No time have they to stand and stare
Looking for work or slaving away
Just another Autumn day.

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