Wednesday 9 October 2013

Day 446: Sad Music

Roger Mc Gough, being serious here for a change. 

Sad Music - Roger McGough

We fall to the earth like leaves
Lives as brief as footprints in snow
No words express the grief we feel
I feel I cannot let her go.

For she is everywhere.
Walking on the windswept beach
Talking in the sunlit square.
Next to me in the car
I see her sitting there.

At night she dreams me
and in the morning the sun does not rise.
My life is as thin as the wind
And I am done with counting the stars.

She is gone  she is gone.
I am her sad music, and I play on, and on, and on.


  1. ohhhh...this soft so sad..i loved it when he said
    "she is gone she is gone..
    im her sad music , and I play on and on and on.."
    I really loved this poem..thanx for sharing it :)

    1. Yes, love that last line too, so sad, so forlorn. Captures the feeling exactly.

  2. who is she the poet is referring to

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