Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Day 621: April/Aries

'Aries' by Josephine Wall

I think this poem is not only an accurate picture of April but also of its astrological personality: Aries.

Especially that part about the bull. Or should it be ram? Or is Wadsworth here referring to May - ie Taurus, the bull? Or could it be a reference to seizing the day, grabbing the bull by the horns? Anyway, every Aries knows what their 'wreathed horns' are. We may be sweet most of the time, 'with thoughts of love I glide', but have a fiery feistiness that can flare up as suddenly as an April shower.

April (from 'The Poet's Calendar') - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I open wide the portals of the Spring
  To welcome the procession of the flowers,
With their gay banners, and the birds that sing
  Their song of songs from their aerial towers.
I soften with my sunshine and my showers
  The heart of earth; with thoughts of love I glide
Into the hearts of men; and with the Hours
  Upon the Bull with wreathed horns I ride.

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