Wednesday 8 August 2012

Day 47: Day dream

Poetry embalms many of the greatest thoughts we have in a language that is both befitting and beautiful. 

Like in this poem from A.S.J. Tessimond where we get a glimpse of what a peaceful ideal could look like.

I love the imagery in this poem - 'and people will 'untie themselves, as string is unknotted.' His vision of a happy ever-after is so simple and affecting, it's not hard to imagine. 

The very act of putting these and any imaginings into written words, makes them all the more real - don't you think?

Day Dream - A.S.J Tessimond

One day people will touch and talk perhaps
And loving be natural as breathing and warm as
And people will untie themselves, as string is unknotted,
Unfold and yawn and stretch and spread their fingers,
Unfurl, uncurl like seaweed returned to the sea,
And work will be simple and swift
as a seagull flying,
And play will be casual and quiet
as a seagull settling,
And the clocks will stop, and no one will wonder
or care or notice,
And people will smile without reason,
Even in winter, even in the rain. 


  1. This poem just touched a chord deep within me and reading it, I was feeling as if though I am writing it as it was expressing precisely my sentiments. Beautiful
    Thank you Siobhan once again. xo

  2. Thank you very much for your comment! :)

  3. This has been my favourite poem since it was given to me in the early 1970s by a dear friend, it speaks to my heart and my imagination and longings, always has done. So glad you found it too.


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